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Civil Investigations

Civil investigation uncovers and assembles evidence necessary for a civil trial.
A civil case is often confused with a criminal case. Though they may be confused at times they are very different. A civil case involves a private disputes or disagreement between a person or company or organizations. This situation will be brought before a court to ensure that a person, company of organization does not fail to keep their legal obligation.

An example of this a person may sues another for damages that could have been caused by an accident or a product not preforming as advertised causing injury. The injured person will ask the court for compensation for the harm done to them. As an investigator in a civil matter CIS would be responsible for gathering the evidence essential to prove your case at trial. Many times private investigator will be hired by one or both parties involved in the civil case. The private investigator is responsible for gathering the evidence in a reliable, legal manner.
These are the most common civil investigations

Personal Injury Case
This can be caused by many factors. Assaults, Auto Accidents, personal injury claims. Our private investigators will work with insurance companies, law firms and private entities to provide the needed information to assist you in your case.

Family Law Investigations
Child custody and abuse investigations
Our CT private investigators can help your attorney prepare for mediation or a custody hearings involving your children. Our private investigators will provide your attorney with facts about situations that may exist, such as child abuse and neglect and possible drug and alcohol issues. Our private investigator will determine this by observing routines of the subject of the investigation. Our investigator can also shed light on who is actually spending time with the children.

Child Support investigations
Our investigators can also assist in determining and documenting possible cohabitation or employment in case where there is spousal support issues.

These are just a few types of civil case our investigator at Connecticut Investigative Services can assist you with. We have the experience to testify to the evidence submitted in a professional and informative manner. Adding to the success of your civil case. Find out why our private investigators are name “The Best” investigators in CT by the Connecticut Law Tribune readers. We have always maintained an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.