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Private Detective FAQ

It is very easy. Contact our office and we can discuss your case. You may need our assistance or we can direct you on how to accomplish your goals yourself saving time and money. If you would like, call to make an appointment and sit down with us at our office.

Many private investigators do make claims that they are prior law enforcement. Many times this is done to show that they have investigative experience. There are many positions in law enforcement that do not lend themselves to making a good private investigator. CIS investigators were Detectives in large metropolitan police departments with private sector investigative experience needed to conduct even the most complex investigation. Beware of private investigators and their investigative agency that lists all kinds of experience related to investigative experience and not in an attempt to see if something will stick and influence you to contact them. At Connecticut Investigative Services we do not embellish our investigative experience. There is no need to. Our experience is a matter of record.

No they are not, experience, investigative skill and competence matters. Discuss the investigator’s experience when you speak with the private investigator during your selection process. This is a major factor to consider. If a private investigator claims to be prior law enforcement, find out for how long. What were their duties? If a private investigator was a patrol officer for a couple of years before beginning a career as a private investigator, they might not have the investigative experience you are looking for. Ask questions. Remember you are the client. This is your investigation.

This is important. Discuss the investigator’s knowledge about your type of case. Also, ask about the private investigator past experience. Ask the private investigator if you can meet if needed to discuss your case. See if this information helps you decide that this private investigator has the experience, understanding and abilities to handle your case. Also, listen to the questions the investigator is asking. An experienced investigator will ask numerous questions which will lead to a better understanding and communication between you and the private investigator.

This will depend on what you are looking to do. Beware of the cheapest private investigator. Usually you get what you pay for. During all investigations, the client’s budget for the investigation will not be surpassed unless approval is received by the client. Our rates are very reasonable.

Connecticut Investigative Services does not subcontract our cases out. We handle all investigations in house. The private investigator you speak with will be the private investigator handling your case. Connecticut Investigative Services investigators have not changed since the agency was started. Unfortunately, we can not share our private investigators names on a public website due to their work in undercover operations both in the private sector as well as in their law enforcement careers. Many private investigators and their agencies will list their investigators names and even the agency owner’s name on their websites. We do not do this as a precaution for the safety and future investigative assignment abilities of our investigators. Our investigators are serious professionals with extensive investigative backgrounds.

Yes we do. Be careful in this area. You may want to deal with a private investigator that is professional and has an office. There are many private investigators running around with a camera and a P.O. Box that might not be there when you need them if your case goes to court. You may want to Google the address that is listed to the private investigator’s company. You may be shocked to find out it’s a PO Box or a personal residence. A website can be made to make the private investigator look professional but that may not be the case. Connecticut Investigative Services has had their offices in Shelton, CT for eight years. You can always find us there. We also have satellite offices around the state for the convenience of our clients.

There aren’t many areas of investigation that we can’t handle! Contact our office to discuss your investigative needs

Yes, we consider all calls made by our clients confidential.

Yes, we are BBB Accredited with an A+ rating by consumers. We think that this is important. We want our clients to understand that we hold ourselves to the highest standard to accomplish our clients’ investigative goals. We believe that the Better Business Bureau standards are important and we try to surpass those standards with our clients.

Whether you are a HR person or a parent hiring a nanny, background investigations should be part of your standards in the hiring process. A twenty dollar background investigation with a three page disclaimer is not a good idea. You need a professional to conduct the background investigation the proper way to ensure that every area of concern is examined. At Connecticut Investigative Services, we have the expertise to conduct a proper background or pre employment investigation. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to parents looking to make the best decision when hiring a child care provider. Let us assist you in this process. You will be surprised on how reasonable the cost is to have a professional handle the investigation.

Yes, our private investigators have worked as employees inside large and small companies throughout Connecticut assisting HR personnel, managers and business owners in uncovering activities that were criminal or against the company policy. This allowed the companies to make informed decisions about employees and their conduct. You will not find a better group of undercover investigators anywhere.

In an insecure world, investigate your options with Connecticut Investigative Services