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Corporate Loss Prevention

Connecticut Investigative Services’ private investigators can assist your businesses, whether you are a large corporation or a small business trying to control losses from both, internal and external thefts.

CIS will make necessary recommendations to limiting your losses. When needed, Connecticut Investigative Services is prepared to provide you with an undercover investigator who can pose as an employee and provide you with information so that you can determine the reasons for the losses.

Connecticut Investigative Services’ private investigators are experienced veteran police detectives with undercover operations backgrounds. Our investigators can act as a third party by conducting an independent investigation into theft and misconduct at your company. We have extensive training in interviewing and interrogation which will allow us to better uncover facts.

We can determine if there is a failure to adhere to your company’s rules and policies providing you with the facts needed to evaluate a situation better. Allow our private investigators to assist you in protecting your company’s bottom-line, whether you run a large corporation or a small business.

In an insecure world, investigate your options with Connecticut Investigative Services

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CIS investigators provide cost-effective, high quality investigative services to Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations, Businesses & private citizens.