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Criminal Investigators in CT

Connecticut Investigative Services’ private investigators understand the requirements of attorneys and their clients who are involved in criminal litigation.

At Connecticut Investigative Services, we think that most of the Felony criminal cases that our courts handle should automatically require a criminal defense investigator. An attorneys needs trained investigators to assist their office in preparing for an adequate criminal defense. The client may think that hiring Connecticut Investigative Services’ investigators will affect the ability to pay the retainers or use up their valuable legal budget. Our private investigators, we believe, will become one of the biggest assets to the criminal defense team and will be well worth the small amount it may cost to involve our firm.

Most of the criminal defendants do not have an investigator working for them. But the State’s Attorney’s Office in Connecticut has their investigators and the police working against them. Many times evidence goes unchallenged. An attorney and his client will plead bargain instead of fighting their case because they do not have an investigator to go out and find evidence to counter the prosecution. This is where your criminal defense investigator will save the case for you. Defense Attorneys know most of what happens at your criminal trial is directly related to the work done outside of the courtroom, before the trial even begins. This is where your investigator comes in to play.

In Connecticut, if you are charged with a felony you may have the right to request an investigator. Many times an investigator from the public defender’s office will be assigned. These investigators are very good, but their caseloads are heavy and time is not always afforded to them. At Connecticut Investigative Services our investigators will meet with you and discuss your case.

Hiring private investigator from CIS will help your attorney get the charges reduced or dismissed if possible. You always have a better chance against the State’s Attorney Office in Connecticut if you have a private investigator working with you. CIS private detectives are well-trained, experienced, veteran police detectives applying their skills as investigators for the client’s benefit

Find out why Connecticut Investigative Services was named one of “The Best” investigative agencies by the Connecticut Law Tribune readers. Attorneys can benefit from an experienced, skilled private investigator, working together to create the best possible outcome for the client.

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CIS investigators provide cost-effective, high quality investigative services to Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations, Businesses & private citizens.