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When you need actual information on a person’s background not just database information offered through the internet, choose Connecticut Investigative Services. CIS does not attempt to use just database information and call it a background check. Connecticut Investigative Services Background Checks utilize the State Police records for all criminal checks in Connecticut, along with actual Department of Motor Vehicle checks for all driving history records.

We are also experienced in all methods of gaining such information from other states. Only official records from State, Federal and local agencies are used when applicable to our background checks, along with other investigative materials that supply you with the most accurate background investigation permissible by law.

Connecticut Investigative Services knows what kind of background information can be supplied and where to get it quickly. Our private investigators are responsible for doing background investigations for corporations, small businesses and private citizens. We are experienced veteran police detectives, using our skills to ensure you the best possible results. Connecticut Investigative Services clients are people concerned with hiring the best candidate for their company, business or families.

Many of the web sites that offer background checks on the internet do not use the proper State of Connecticut criminal or motor vehicle records check. These records cannot be instantly obtained. The State of Connecticut, like every State, has different protocols – and this is where our experience matters. We will access only official criminal and motor vehicle records. Also, be aware that there is no national criminal records database. All records must be checked locally.

Connecticut Investigative Services looks forward to discussing your background check requirements. An investigator will explain the process and professional results you can expect to obtain with your background investigation.

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CIS investigators provide cost-effective, high quality investigative services to Law Firms, Insurance Companies, Corporations, Businesses & private citizens.