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Surveillance Investigators in CT

Connecticut Investigative Services’ Investigators use covert surveillance equipment that ranges from discrete automobile tracking equipment (GPS) to hidden video cameras. When you need to detect theft, insurance fraud, or vandalism, contact Connecticut Investigative Services. We will conduct the surveillance and bring resolution to the problem. Surveillance is a highly effective means of resolving suspicious claims. Surveillance can:

  • Help insurance adjusters in examining claims.
  • Identify a fraudulent claim.
  • Gather critical evidence in a litigation.
  • Monitor family members to ensure their safety.

At Connecticut Investigative Services, our private investigators have the use of surveillance vans as well as sedans to observe a subject. The wide array of vehicles allows for a limited chance of being detected during surveillance whether the surveillance is long term or short term. Connecticut Investigative Services will get the surveillance done and will document it through video and photographic evidence tailored to the client’s needs. Connecticut Investigative Services’ investigators have years of experience testifying in court, so that your evidence is presented in a competent and professional manner, adding to your case’s chance of success. Find out why Connecticut Investigative Services was named one of “The Best” Investigative Agencies by the Connecticut Law Tribune (PDF) for 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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